Loch Arkaig - Gregor Innes Photography

Loch Arkaig

This is without a doubt my favourite photograph. Not only is the scene awe-inspiring, but it is unlikely that I will ever be able to replicate this image which makes it very special. 

Most of the photographs that I take are the result of meticulous planning of location, light and weather. On this day, however, I got extremely lucky! 

I woke from a very bad sleep that night and crawled out of my tent. The view I was greeted with was spectacular. I have never seen such still and calm conditions. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. After having a quick bite to eat, I began to brush my teeth. As I wandered around the peninsula taking in the views, I noticed this little boat making its way across the loch. Upon realizing the potential for an amazing photograph, I threw my toothbrush away and ran for my camera. I managed to make it down to the shore just in time to capture this boat as it crossed the middle of the scene. I could not believe my luck!

Loch Arkaig

People often ask me exactly where I took this photograph so that they can visit the area themselves one day. Have a look at the maps below, I have dropped a pin on the exact location where I was camping when this photo was taken.

Head along the single track road on the north side of Loch Arkaig for several miles; you will notice that the first few miles aren't very accessible for camping at all. However, as you reach the area where the pin is dropped, it opens out and there is plenty of space for pitching tents and parking cars.

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