The Ballachullish Horseshoe - Gregor Innes Photography

The Ballachullish Horseshoe

I strongly believe that the best way to enjoy your time on the hills is to camp as near to the summit as possible. If you pay close attention to the weather forecasts and plan your trip accordingly, then you may be treated to some of the most unbelievable views you have ever seen. The setting sun can completely transform a stunning view into and unforgettable view.

I arrived at the summit of the first Munro-top, Sgorr Dhonuill where I set up camp at roughly 5pm. As sunset was not due until 7:30pm, I took this time to relax and cook my dinner which consisted of two tins of baked beans and a bar of Galaxy chocolate for dessert. The conditions were perfect and there was barely any wind. I managed to capture a panorama overlooking the Ballachullish Bridge which is one of my personal favourites (shown below). As sunset neared, I spent some time walking around at the summit looking for a strong composition. The Glencoe hills to the south-east were beginning to pick up some good light from the setting sun, so I set up my tripod and waited…


This was my favourite moment of the whole trip. I had done the preparation; there was no rush and no fumbling around for camera equipment. I was completely immersed in the sunset and the incredible views unfolding in front of me. As the sun was close to dipping behind the hills to the west, I captured what is personally one of my favourite images (shown below).

The Glencoe Hills, Lochaber

Completely satisfied with my photographs, I enjoyed the remainder of the sunset whilst also managing to get a third photo before the sun disappeared beyond Loch Linnhe (shown below).

Loch Linnhe Sunset

The next day, having had a very good sleep, I packed up and headed for the second Munro-top of the route (Sgorr Dhearg) before heading back to the car which was parked at the Co-op car park in South Ballachullish. I highly recommend this route to anyone who enjoys hillwalking. The route description can be found on the Walkhighlands website.

I am regularly asked what my favourite Munro is or what my favourite part of Scotland is. In short, there are too many parts of this country that I love and the question is too difficult to answer. However, I can confidently say that the Ballachullish Horseshoe was the best mountain experience I have ever had (so far). I have climbed finer Munro’s but the combination of amazing weather and time spent at the summit made it a truly unforgettable experience.

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